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Don’t Let Complex Processes Slow You Down.

FlowWright's .NET workflow platform includes powerful tools to build enterprise solutions. FlowWright bridges systems and knits people efficiently into processes. Whether you’re a business analyst or software developer FlowWright helps you automate to improve quality and the bottom line.

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FlowWright Leads .NET Workflow Automation Solutions for Global Enterprise Companies. 

Kick-start and Complete Complex Process Automation with Ease.

Discuss your Proof of Concept with our team today and discover how intuitive and flexible FlowWright is:

  • Workflow 
  • Drag & Drop Designer 
  • Decisions Logic made easy
  • Intuitive integration capabilities
  • Forms & Forms Process Automation 
  • Multi-tenancy

Discover the power of FlowWright's integration and automation platform. Brings people and processes together!

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Kansas City DOT Replaces K2 After 20yrs. With FlowWright

Case Study

After 20 years of using K2 and Microsoft Infopath to automate important processes, end-of-life, and capability gaps pushed KDOT to replace their existing software infrastructure. An extensive RFP process saw FlowWright emerge as the clear winner. Read how the FlowWright software and implementation resources helped KDOT successfully accomplish their goals.

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